How Do I Know if My ADAS Needs Recalibration?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are revolutionizing the way we drive, offering unprecedented safety features and driving aids. However, maintaining these systems, especially ensuring they are correctly calibrated, is crucial for their effectiveness. This article explores the signs indicating your ADAS needs recalibration, the importance of professional calibration, and why Impex Auto Glass stands out for this service.

Understanding ADAS

ADAS encompasses a variety of systems designed to enhance vehicle safety and driving efficiency. These systems rely on sensors and cameras to function correctly, offering features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and collision avoidance. Proper calibration is essential for these systems to operate accurately.

The Importance of ADAS Calibration

Calibration ensures that ADAS sensors and cameras are correctly aligned, crucial for the system’s accuracy and the safety it provides. Misalignment can result from several factors, including windshield replacements, collisions, or even significant changes in tire size.

Signs Your ADAS Needs Recalibration

Recognizing the need for recalibration can be challenging. Some signs include:

  • Warning lights on the dashboard
  • The system failing to engage or disengage properly
  • Noticeable inaccuracies in system alerts or responses

Why Choose Impex Auto Glass for ADAS Calibration?

At Impex Auto Glass, we leverage our in-depth knowledge, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and aftermarket resources to accurately determine the necessity for ADAS recalibration. Our expertise distinguishes us from other auto glass shops that might overlook this critical service.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the distinction between OEM and aftermarket parts is vital. OEM parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer, ensuring a perfect fit and function. Aftermarket parts, while often more affordable, can vary in quality and compatibility with your vehicle’s ADAS.

The Role of Forward-Facing Cameras

Forward-facing cameras are pivotal for ADAS functionality, especially in systems like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Calibration is invariably required whenever the windshield is replaced or the camera is disturbed to maintain their accuracy.

Misconceptions About ADAS Calibration

A common misconception is that ADAS calibration is unnecessary if the system appears to be working fine. However, even minor misalignments can significantly impact system performance and vehicle safety.

How Impex Auto Glass Determines Your Needs

Using OEM and aftermarket sites, we accurately identify when recalibration is required based on your vehicle’s specific parts and systems. This expertise ensures that our customers receive necessary services without unnecessary costs.

The Process of ADAS Calibration at Impex Auto Glass

Our calibration process involves several steps to ensure your ADAS functions as intended. This includes diagnostic scans, precise alignment of cameras and sensors, and thorough testing of all ADAS features.

Why Some Auto Glass Shops May Miss the Need for Calibration

Not all auto glass shops have the necessary knowledge or tools to identify the need for ADAS recalibration. It’s essential to choose a provider like Impex Auto Glass, where expertise and technology ensure accurate and reliable service.

The Risks of Skipping ADAS Calibration

Skipping calibration can compromise vehicle safety, leading to malfunctioning ADAS features and increased risk of accidents. It’s a critical step not to be overlooked.

FAQs About ADAS Calibration

  • What triggers the need for ADAS recalibration?
  • Can I drive my vehicle if the ADAS calibration warning light is on?
  • How long does ADAS recalibration take?
  • Is ADAS recalibration covered by insurance?
  • How can I ensure my vehicle’s ADAS is always properly calibrated?

How to Do Your Own Research on ADAS Calibration

Educating yourself about your vehicle’s ADAS and its maintenance requirements is crucial. Reliable sources include your vehicle’s manufacturer, automotive safety organizations, and trusted auto service providers like Impex Auto Glass.

What to Expect During an ADAS Calibration Service

Understanding the calibration process can help set realistic expectations for the service. It typically involves a comprehensive system check, precise adjustments, and post-calibration testing to ensure optimal performance.

How Often Should ADAS Calibration Be Done?

ADAS calibration should be performed whenever significant work is done on the vehicle that could affect sensor alignment, such as windshield replacement, suspension adjustments, or after a collision.

Customer Testimonials: Before and After Calibration

Hearing from customers who have experienced the benefits of proper ADAS calibration can highlight its importance. Testimonials underscore the difference that accurate calibration makes in system functionality and driving safety.


ADAS recalibration is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that should not be overlooked. Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced provider like Impex Auto Glass ensures that your vehicle’s safety systems operate accurately and effectively, safeguarding you and your passengers on the road.