Longs, SC Auto Glass Shop

Are you in need of auto glass services in Longs, SC? Look no further than Impex Auto Glass Servicing! We are your one-stop solution for auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement. In addition to these services, we also offer ADAS calibration for your vehicle after windshield installation, a crucial step that is required every time the windshield is replaced.

What is ADAS Calibration?

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, have become an integral part of modern vehicles. These systems include features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. To function effectively, ADAS relies on sensors and cameras, commonly mounted to the windshield. When you replace your windshield, it can disrupt the calibration of these systems, potentially compromising your safety on the road.

ADAS calibration involves precisely aligning these sensors and cameras to ensure they work as intended. This calibration is essential for accurate performance and to avoid false alarms or malfunctions.

The Importance of ADAS Calibration

For a more detailed understanding of the crucial role of camera calibration in ADAS-equipped vehicles post-windshield replacement, you can visit PortableADAS.

Explore Longs, SC

While you wait for your ADAS calibration or auto glass services to be completed, you might want to explore some of the famous spots in Longs, SC:

  1. Buck Creek Baptist Church: A historic church that provides a glimpse into the town’s rich heritage.
  2. North Myrtle Beach: Just a short drive away, this beautiful beach offers sun, sand, and relaxation.
  3. Harbour View Golf Complex: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf in a picturesque setting.
  4. Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens: Take a leisurely stroll through these scenic gardens and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Don’t compromise on your vehicle’s safety. Trust Impex Auto Glass Servicing for all your auto glass needs, and remember the importance of ADAS calibration after windshield replacement. Visit our website here for more information.