Smithfield Auto Glass Shop

If you find yourself in Smithfield, NC, and in need of auto glass services, look no further than Impex Auto Glass. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch services for all your auto glass needs, including auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement. Additionally, we offer a crucial service that many may not be aware of – ADAS Calibration. Let’s delve into these services and explore some famous spots around Smithfield that you can check out while your vehicle is being serviced.

Impex Auto Glass Services in Smithfield

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Whether you have a small chip or a cracked windshield, our team at Impex Auto Glass can handle it all. Our technicians are skilled at repairing minor damage, helping you save money and ensuring your safety on the road. If the damage is extensive, we offer quick and reliable windshield replacement services to get you back on the road with a clear and safe view.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Your vehicle’s windshield is a crucial safety component. Even a small chip or crack can compromise its integrity. Our experts are equipped to repair minor windshield damage, restoring its strength and clarity. In cases where replacement is necessary, we use high-quality materials and precise installation techniques to ensure your safety.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, have become increasingly common in modern vehicles. These systems rely on sensors, including a forward-facing camera mounted on the windshield, to provide features such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and more. When your windshield is replaced, the calibration of these systems is crucial to maintain their functionality and ensure your safety on the road.

ADAS Calibration is a meticulous process that involves precisely aligning and configuring the sensors to work correctly with your vehicle. It’s essential to note that windshield calibration is required every time the windshield is replaced, with no exceptions. At Impex Auto Glass, we have the necessary tools and expertise to perform ADAS Calibration accurately, giving you peace of mind that your safety features will function as intended.

Exploring Smithfield, NC

While your vehicle is in the capable hands of Impex Auto Glass, you might want to explore some of the attractions in Smithfield:

  1. Ava Gardner Museum: Dive into the life and career of the iconic actress Ava Gardner, who hails from Smithfield.
  2. Neuse River Recreation Area: Enjoy the natural beauty of the Neuse River while hiking, biking, or having a picnic in this picturesque location.
  3. Historic Downtown Smithfield: Stroll through the charming downtown area, filled with historic buildings, unique shops, and delightful restaurants.
  4. Johnston County Heritage Center: Explore the rich history of Johnston County through exhibits and artifacts at this informative museum.
  5. Carolina Premium Outlets: Shop for great deals at this popular outlet mall, featuring a wide range of stores and brands.

Don’t forget to check out our Impex Auto Glass location in Smithfield, NC, for all your auto glass needs. We’re committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your safety on the road. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit Impex Auto Glass.

When it comes to your auto glass and ADAS calibration needs, trust Impex Auto Glass in Smithfield to get the job done right.