Fairmont Auto Glass Shop

If you’re a resident of Fairmont, NC, or passing through this charming town, you’ll want to know about Impex Auto Glass, your go-to destination for all things auto glass. Impex Auto Glass provides top-notch services including auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement. But that’s not all – they also specialize in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration, an essential service that’s often overlooked.

Impex Auto Glass in Fairmont, NC

Impex Auto Glass is your trusted partner for all your auto glass needs in Fairmont, NC. Whether you’ve got a small chip that needs fixing or your windshield needs a complete replacement, Impex Auto Glass has got you covered. Their team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering high-quality service, ensuring your safety on the road.

ADAS Calibration: A Crucial Service

One of the critical services offered by Impex Auto Glass is ADAS calibration. But what exactly is ADAS, and why is calibration necessary? ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, a suite of technologies designed to enhance vehicle safety and assist drivers. These systems include features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and emergency braking.

The forward-facing camera, commonly mounted to the windshield on modern vehicles, is a key component of ADAS. It helps the system “see” the road and make real-time decisions to keep you safe. When your windshield is replaced, it can disrupt the calibration of this camera, potentially leading to inaccurate readings and compromised safety.

The Importance of ADAS Calibration

Impex Auto Glass understands the importance of ADAS calibration, which is why they offer this service as part of their comprehensive offerings. It’s worth noting that windshield calibration is not an option; it’s a necessity. Every time your windshield is replaced, calibration is required to ensure that your ADAS functions as intended.

By choosing Impex Auto Glass for your auto glass needs in Fairmont, NC, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ADAS calibration will be taken care of, ensuring your safety and the proper functioning of your vehicle’s advanced safety features.

Explore Fairmont, NC

While you’re in Fairmont, NC, waiting for your windshield repair or replacement at Impex Auto Glass, take some time to explore the local attractions. Here are a few famous spots you might want to check out:

  1. Lumber River State Park: Enjoy the beauty of nature and the serene Lumber River at this state park, perfect for hiking, kayaking, and picnicking.
  2. Fairmont Opera House: Discover the history and culture of Fairmont by visiting the Fairmont Opera House, a historic landmark.
  3. Fairmont Golf Club: If you’re a golf enthusiast, don’t miss the chance to tee off at the Fairmont Golf Club.

Impex Auto Glass takes pride in serving the Fairmont, NC community with exceptional auto glass services and ADAS calibration. Their commitment to safety and quality ensures that you can hit the road with confidence. Wherever you are in Fairmont, you’re just a click away from their services – Impex Auto Glass in Fairmont, NC.

Don’t compromise on your safety or the functionality of your ADAS – choose Impex Auto Glass for all your auto glass needs in Fairmont, NC.