Ellerbe, NC Auto Glass Shop

If you’re a resident of Ellerbe, North Carolina, or find yourself passing through this charming town, you might be in need of auto glass services. Look no further than Impex Auto Glass, your trusted local partner for all things related to auto glass repair and replacement. We are dedicated to providing top-notch services to ensure your safety on the road.

Comprehensive Auto Glass Services

Impex Auto Glass serves Ellerbe, NC, and its surrounding areas with a wide range of auto glass services, including:

  1. Auto Glass Repair: Whether it’s a minor chip or a crack in your windshield or side windows, we have the expertise to repair it promptly.
  2. Auto Glass Replacement: When the damage is beyond repair or if you need a complete glass replacement, our team is ready to get the job done efficiently.
  3. Windshield Repair: A damaged windshield can compromise your safety. Our skilled technicians can repair chips and cracks to prevent further damage and improve visibility.
  4. Windshield Replacement: For more severe windshield damage, we offer windshield replacement services using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

ADAS Calibration Services

Modern vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to enhance safety and improve driving experiences. One essential component of ADAS is the forward-facing camera, often mounted on the windshield. This camera assists with features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.

After a windshield replacement, it’s crucial to recalibrate the ADAS system to ensure its proper functioning. At Impex Auto Glass, we offer ADAS calibration services to guarantee that your safety features work flawlessly. Remember, a windshield calibration is required every time the windshield is replaced, with no exceptions.

Explore Ellerbe, NC

While you wait for your auto glass services at Impex Auto Glass, take some time to explore Ellerbe and its surroundings. Here are a few local attractions and spots you might want to check out:

  • Rankin Museum of American Heritage: Discover the rich history of the region and enjoy interactive exhibits suitable for all ages.
  • Hitchcock Creek Blue Trail: If you love outdoor activities, this scenic trail is perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
  • Rockingham Dragway: If you’re a fan of motorsports, catch a race or event at the nearby Rockingham Dragway for an adrenaline-filled experience.

For all your auto glass needs in Ellerbe, NC, trust Impex Auto Glass to provide reliable and efficient service. Visit our website here for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment.

Don’t compromise on safety – choose Impex Auto Glass for all your auto glass repair, replacement, and calibration needs in Ellerbe, NC. Your safety is our priority, and we’re here to keep you on the road with confidence.