Dover Auto Glass Replacement Shop

When it comes to auto glass services in Dover, NC, Impex Auto Glass is your go-to destination. We take pride in offering a wide range of services to cater to all your auto glass needs. Whether you need a simple windshield repair or a complete windshield replacement, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all – we also specialize in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, ensuring the safety and functionality of your vehicle’s technology.

Services Offered by Impex Auto Glass

Auto Glass Repair

If you’ve got a minor crack or chip in your windshield, our expert technicians can repair it quickly and effectively. We understand the importance of addressing these issues promptly to prevent them from spreading and compromising your safety.

Auto Glass Replacement

For more severe damage or extensive cracks, our auto glass replacement service ensures your vehicle’s structural integrity and safety. We use high-quality glass and follow industry standards for safe installation.

Windshield Repair

A damaged windshield can impair your visibility and compromise your safety on the road. Our windshield repair service can restore the clarity of your windshield, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view.

Windshield Replacement

When a windshield is beyond repair, we offer professional windshield replacement services. Our team is skilled in handling various vehicle makes and models, providing you with a secure and properly fitted windshield.

ADAS Calibration

ADAS systems, also known as forward-facing cameras, are becoming increasingly common in modern vehicles. These systems include features like lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance. The forward-facing camera is often mounted on the windshield.

ADAS Calibration is a critical step that must be performed whenever your windshield is replaced. This process ensures that your vehicle’s safety and driver assistance systems work as intended. Impex Auto Glass has the expertise and equipment to perform accurate ADAS calibration, keeping you safe on the road.

Explore Dover, NC

While you’re in Dover, NC, getting your auto glass needs taken care of at Impex Auto Glass, take some time to explore this charming city. Here are a few notable spots to check out:

  1. Dover Park: Enjoy a relaxing day outdoors at Dover Park. This serene location is perfect for a picnic or a leisurely walk in the fresh air.
  2. Historic Downtown Dover: Discover the rich history of the area by strolling through the historic downtown district. You’ll find quaint shops, charming architecture, and a sense of the city’s heritage.
  3. Neuseway Nature Park: Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Neuseway Nature Park, which features beautiful gardens, a planetarium, and educational exhibits.
  4. CSS Neuse II: Dive into the past at the CSS Neuse II, a reconstructed Civil War ironclad warship. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of naval warfare.
  5. Local Eateries: Don’t forget to indulge in some local cuisine at one of Dover’s excellent restaurants. Ask the friendly staff at Impex Auto Glass for their recommendations!

For all your auto glass needs in Dover, NC, make sure to visit Impex Auto Glass. Remember, when it comes to windshield replacement, ADAS calibration is a must, and Impex Auto Glass is your trusted partner for both safety and quality service.

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