Auto Glass Shop Cerro Gordo, NC

Are you in Cerro Gordo, NC, and in need of top-notch auto glass services? Look no further than Impex Auto Glass, your trusted partner for auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, windshield repair, and windshield replacement. At Impex Auto Glass, we understand the importance of a clear and intact windshield for your safety on the road. That’s why we are dedicated to providing high-quality services to ensure your vehicle’s glass is in perfect condition.

Our Comprehensive Services:

  1. Auto Glass Repair: Whether you’ve got a minor chip or crack in your windshield or side windows, our skilled technicians can efficiently repair them. We use industry-leading techniques and materials to restore your auto glass to its original condition.
  2. Auto Glass Replacement: When the damage to your auto glass is beyond repair, our team is ready to replace it with precision and care. We source high-quality glass products to ensure your vehicle’s safety and aesthetics.
  3. Windshield Repair: Don’t let a small chip or crack in your windshield turn into a major problem. Our experts can assess the damage and carry out windshield repairs promptly, preventing further issues and ensuring your safety.
  4. Windshield Replacement: In cases where a windshield replacement is necessary, you can trust us to handle the job efficiently and professionally. We only use top-of-the-line glass and adhesives to ensure a secure and durable installation.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration:

In addition to our auto glass services, we offer a crucial service that sets us apart from the competition: ADAS calibration. Modern vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that rely on cameras and sensors mounted on the windshield. When you replace your windshield, it’s imperative to recalibrate the ADAS to maintain its accuracy.

At Impex Auto Glass, we have the technology and expertise to calibrate your ADAS systems after windshield installation. Our technicians are trained to perform precise calibrations to ensure your vehicle’s safety features function correctly. Remember, a windshield calibration is required every time the windshield is replaced, with no exceptions. Your safety and the proper functioning of your ADAS systems depend on it.

Why Choose Impex Auto Glass:

  • Experienced and Certified Technicians: Our team consists of skilled technicians who are certified in auto glass repair, replacement, and ADAS calibration.
  • Quality Products: We use only the highest-quality glass and materials to ensure the safety and longevity of your auto glass.
  • Advanced Technology: We invest in state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate ADAS calibrations and top-notch auto glass services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize your safety and convenience.

When it comes to auto glass services in Cerro Gordo, NC, Impex Auto Glass is your reliable partner. Whether you need auto glass repair, replacement, windshield repair, or windshield replacement, we have you covered. Plus, our ADAS calibration service ensures your vehicle’s safety features continue to protect you on the road.

Don’t compromise on safety. Contact Impex Auto Glass today for all your auto glass needs and ADAS calibration requirements. Your safety is our top priority!