Superior Auto Glass Service in Pinehurst, NC

Every place has unique hazards that put drivers at risk of getting a broken windshield. In some areas, it’s big roads with lots of fast traffic that leads to broken auto glass. Another vehicle can pick up road debris and throw it against your windshield or window. Any time an object impacts your auto glass at a high speed, it can cause damage. In Pinehurst, NC, there is a greater risk of a different kind of impact.

Pinehurst North Carolina: Home of Famed No. 2 Golf Course

Pinehurst is the beginning and end of golf – at least according to local golf enthusiasts and many others from around the globe. It is where the American golf story is rooted, and it continues to serve as a popular tourist destination today. You don’t have to know the stories about practices on Maniac Hill to know that golf balls often land far from their intended target. While a golf ball won’t usually go all the way through your windshield if it strikes it, it could damage the integrity of the glass.

Keep Driving with a Cracked Windshield to a Minimum

Most modern windshields are made with two layers of glass and a layer of laminate between them. This feature prevents something like a golf ball from smashing all the way through. Even if you have a small crack, you shouldn’t drive your car for extended periods. Call for a glass repair before something else causes the damage to get worse.

The other windows in your vehicle might not be laminated. They might have tempered glass that breaks into small, rounded pieces on impact. If the ball goes all the way through, you will need to have the glass replaced. Impex Auto Glass offers a full range of auto glass and ADAS services to keep you safe on the road.

Superior Service You Can Count On

Operator Larry Diesbach is a 30-year industry professional. All of our techs have extensive experience in the auto glass industry. They have the knowledge and cutting-edge technology to provide you with professional windshield repair and replacements.

The condition of your auto glass is more important than you might realize. It helps protect you and your family from the elements, injuries during a crash, and from being thrown out. You can always count on us for fast, courteous service. Whatever causes a crack or break in your windshield or auto glass, contact us to get it fixed right.