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There are lots of myths about broken windshields floating around out there. For one, it takes a big impact to cause your windshield to break. While different types of impacts can cause windshield damage, sometimes cracks seem to appear from nowhere. In a way, they do! All it takes is a sudden change in temperature or pressure to cause your windshield to crack.

Another common myth is that a do-it-yourself glass repair or windshield replacement is as good as those from a professional auto glass service. There are several reasons this is never a good idea. Repairing a chip or crack might sound simple. But failing to get the resin in place and cured correctly could result in a blurry, messy area. This could interfere with your vision while driving. Using the wrong type of resin for your windshield could even result in the damage expanding or breaking while you drive.

Do-it-yourself windshield replacement comes with even greater risks. The roof of your car could collapse on you while you are working. If you use the wrong windshield or don’t install it properly, it won’t be stable. It takes knowledge, skills, and state-of-the-art tools to install a windshield correctly.

Why Driving with Windshield Damage Isn’t Okay

This is one of the most dangerous windshield repair myths of all. Maybe the damage looks small, but even that might grow into something much larger. Maybe you’re planning a day out at Kernersville Lake Park for a picnic and some paddle boating. Or you could be planning a day of mountain biking at Kernersville Mountain Bike Park. Even if you’re only planning a short trip, leaving your car parked in the sun could make the damage even worse.

Getting Glass Repair in Kernersville, NC

Another dangerous myth is that it doesn’t matter where you go for glass repair or replacement. Many drivers believe that a dealership or garage can provide the same level of service as a company that specializes in glass repair.

An experienced auto glass service knows which type of glass to use and the proper installation techniques. They also use the right tools for the job. Thanks to technology, larger cracks can be repaired than in the past. This means you could save a lot of money without sacrificing the safety of your vehicle.

Impex Auto Glass in Kernersville, NC

Our team at Impex Auto Glass has decades of experience providing superior service to our customers throughout North Carolina. The benefits of top-quality craftsmanship with hands-on care are no myth. We deliver a professional experience with every repair and replacement we make.