Superior Auto Glass Service in Holly Springs, NC

Holly Springs sits in the heart of the East Coast and is one of the fastest-growing regions in the state of North Carolina. The city is home to businesses in the pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing industries, and it continues to grow. Holly Springs affords easy access via numerous roads including the N.C. 55 Bypass, U.S. 64, and I-40. There are more than 200 million people within a two-day truck drive and plenty of traffic problems to go with them.

Project 540 is underway, leading to more problems for drivers who must rely on detours to complete their travel. All of these factors contribute to the problem of heavy traffic, road debris from construction and poor roads, and cracked and broken windshields.

Causes of Cracked/Broken Windshields

Road debris is by far the most common cause of windshield damage. Inevitably, there are stones, broken pavement, and all kinds of lost or discarded items along the roads. Items carried in truck beds and open trailers can fall and bounce directly onto your car. Smaller items are picked up in the tires of vehicles and thrown at your vehicle. Large roads with faster speed limits are the biggest risk. Road debris that is propelled at higher speeds hits your glass with a more forceful impact.

When something hits your windshield while you’re driving, it usually makes a loud “pop.” You know when the damage happens. There are other causes of windshield damage that you may not recognize. These include:

  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Car accidents
  • Poor-quality glass
  • Non-professional installation
  • Changes in atmospheric pressure

Regardless of what caused the damage, you shouldn’t keep driving around with a cracked windshield. One reason for this is that it can interfere with your view while driving. Another is that it could compromise the safety of your vehicle if you are in a crash. Finally, a cracked windshield can get worse for all of the same reasons that caused the damage in the first place. That means you could end up needing a windshield replacement instead of a repair.

Where to Go for Glass Repair in Holly Springs

When you need glass repair or glass replacement in Holly Springs, don’t take your vehicle to a dealership. You will end up paying a lot more. Never let someone who is inexperienced do the repair job or try and do it yourself.

Go to the glass repair shop with decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology. You can always count on Impex for fast, courteous service and professional results.