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Fort Bragg is home to one of the world’s largest and busiest military complexes in the world. Many know it as the Home of Airborne and Special Operations. The area serves as home for many families and offers numerous amenities and attractions. Some of the most popular attractions are Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Cape Fear River Trail, and Autumn Vineyards. It’s ideal for military families and visitors looking to learn more about the famous military base.

One of the advantages to living on a military base is that many destinations are a short walk or drive away. Even if you don’t log a lot of miles on your vehicle, there’s always a chance that your windshield could get damaged. Finding a professional glass repair or windshield replacement service you can trust is important even when the damage is small.

What Causes Windshield Damage?

If you’re driving in traffic and hear that familiar “Ping,” you might realize right away that your windshield is hit! Road debris is the leading cause of windshield damage. But windshield damage can also happen when you aren’t even in the car. Leaving the vehicle sitting in the hot sun or turning the defroster up too high on a frozen windshield can cause it to break.

Changes in atmospheric pressure are another reason for windshield breaks. Those living and driving near Fort Bragg are at a greater risk from this type of glass damage than most. During live-fire artillery training on Fort Bragg’s ranges, it isn’t unusual for homes or vehicles to have broken windows from miles away.

Why a Little Damage Might Be a Big Deal

Damage to windshields ranges from small scratches to long cracks and multi-directional damage that “webs outward.” Even scratches can interfere with your vision and make driving more hazardous. It’s a good idea to have any scratches buffed out to improve your vision.

Chips can collect dirt, causing problems with vision as well. It can also cause the damage to grow until a glass repair isn’t enough to correct the problem. Cover the chip up with clear tape to keep dirt and debris out. Take it to the professional auto glass repair service right away.

Windshield cracks can be repaired if they aren’t too long, too deep, or too close to the windshield’s perimeter. Then, you will need a professional windshield replacement to restore the integrity of your windshield. A strong, clear windshield with no signs of damage contributes a great deal to making your vehicle safe.

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