Superior Auto Glass Service in New Bern, NC

So many of the road conditions you encounter on any given day can lead to chips or cracks in your vehicle’s glass. Even if the damage is too small to notice, an impact can cause it to grow quickly. Hitting a pothole, a bump in the road, or a fender bender are some things that cause small breaks to turn into large ones.

Expert Glass Repair and Glass Replacement in New Bern, NC

New Bern has a lot to offer history buffs and beachgoers alike. Enjoy the prestige of the past when you visit the state’s First State Capital of Tryon Palace and tour the official residence and administrative headquarters of historic British governors.

If water sports and sunbathing are more your thing, Atlantic Beach is less than an hour’s drive away. Just make sure you take care of any damage to your windshield before it’s too late.

Don’t ignore minor glass damage just because of a tight schedule. If you notice a small chip or break in your window glass, keep it covered with clear tape. This helps keep dirt from getting in and causing more damage until you can get it repaired.

Another way to avoid making the damage worse is by protecting the glass from extreme temperature changes. Letting your vehicle sit in the hot sun with all the windows rolled up can also cause a change in pressure. Temperature and pressure changes are some of the most common causes of damage to the windshield.

Most importantly, schedule an appointment for glass repair right away. Every time you go out on the road, you risk increasing the damage to your window or windshield. When that happens, your only option might be glass replacement.

What to Do When You Need a Windshield Replacement

Getting damaged glass repaired when it’s small helps protect you when you’re driving. Damaged glass is easier to break during an accident or with any kind of impact.

Once a crack gets bigger than 6 inches, repairs are no longer an option. That’s when you need to schedule a windshield replacement for your car. It’s far too dangerous to drive once the damage reaches this level.

While a windshield replacement is more expensive than glass repair, ignoring the damage isn’t an option. The larger the damage grows, the easier it is for your windshield to break or shatter.

Scheduling your appointment for glass repair with Impex Auto Glass is easy and safe. Use the online feature to get a quote based on the model of your vehicle. Set up an appointment at our New Bern location. Drop off your vehicle and then return at your convenience to pick it up. Our safe, no-contact service ensures you get superior glass repair or replacement services without any surprises.