Superior Auto Glass Service in Garner, NC

Garner, North Carolina, is ranked as one of the country’s best places to live, work, raise a family, and earn a quality education. It’s well-known for its hometown character, and also its opportunities for new, relocating, and expanding businesses. Garner is also a booming community for businesses and commerce in its Triangle region. Residents and visitors can always find something to enjoy in the charming city. You can find most anything you need in Garner, including superior auto glass service.

Do You Need Glass Repair or Glass Replacement in Garner?

If you are looking for glass repair service in Garner, you probably have some level of damage to one of your car’s windows. If you aren’t sure whether you need a glass repair or replacement, there are some ways to determine just how bad the damage is.

Is the damage a scratch, a chip, or a crack?

While scratches are minor damage, they can interfere with your view. You can have them repaired by having a professional glass service buff them out.

A chip is a small section of missing glass often caused by a thrown rock or piece of gravel. If the damage is confined to the chip, it can probably be repaired. If there is one or more cracks crossing the chip or branching out from it, you might need to have the glass replaced. It depends on the depth, location, and number of cracks.

The rule of thumb for single cracks or breaks is that anything shorter than the length of a dollar bill is probably repairable. Again, it depends on the depth of the crack and its location. For example, cracks at the corner of the windshield almost always require a full replacement. Cracks in this location make the entire windshield unstable and increase the chances that it will break or shatter.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Minor chips or breaks might seem like no big deal. It’s easy to keep putting off a glass repair when you don’t have the time or money. The problem is that the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the damage will grow.

If a break happens during an accident, it could affect your safety. It takes a strong, secure windshield to keep the frame of your car in place. Once the integrity of the glass is lost, it’s just a matter of time before the damage gets worse.

Glass repair isn’t something that you can put off until a better time. Contact us now to take care of your auto glass repair and replacement needs professionally!