Superior Auto Glass Service in Carolina Shores, NC

Carolina Shores, North Carolina, is just minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches along the east coast. Sunset Beach and Myrtle Beach are among the most popular destinations for tourists and residents alike. If you plan to spend a day at the beach, you’d better take care of that cracked windshield first.

How Big of a Crack Can Be Repaired in a Windshield?

The rule of thumb is that cracks that are 6 inches or smaller can be repaired. Anything larger will usually need to be replaced. But there are some additional factors that make the difference between a simple case of glass repair and the need for glass replacement.

  1. You have more than three chips.
  2. The damage is in front of a sensor or camera.
  3. The break extends to the inner layer of glass.
  4. There is damage near the edge or a corner of the glass.
  5. There is damage in the driver’s viewing area.
  6. There are complex multiple cracks that spread out in different directions.
  7. The cracks contain a lot of contamination.

How We Make Windshield Repairs

Windshield repairs are fast and affordable. Often, the entire process takes less than an hour. The pros at Impex Auto Glass start by expertly injecting a clear, curable resin into the outer layer of glass. The resin fills the crack or chip in the glass and restores its integrity. Then, we let it cure and polish it. This leaves a smooth, clear surface that prevents the damage from growing.

The rest of the windows in your vehicle are made from a different type of glass than that of the windshield. The same factors determine whether any vehicle window needs a glass repair or a glass replacement. It is also just as important to take care of damage to these windows quickly.

When You Need a Windshield Replacement

A windshield replacement takes a couple of hours or longer. It also costs more than a windshield repair. The technicians must first remove the old trim and then remove the glass. The pinch weld where the glass sits needs to be cleaned and repaired. All the dirt and residue must be removed for a good fit. Finally, the new windshield is fitted over the open hole.

One of the worst mistakes drivers make is trying to perform a glass repair or a glass replacement themselves. It might seem like a good way to save money. But doing the job incorrectly can result in more damage and an unsafe windshield.

Leave all your glass repairs and replacements to the glass experts in Carolina Shores. Contact us for a quote or to schedule an appointment to restore any of your auto glass.