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Windshield damage can vary significantly, depending on its cause and the quality of the glass. The type of damage and its location determine whether you need a glass repair or a glass replacement.

Types of Windshield and Car Window Damage

The windshield is the toughest and most important window in your car. It is the only barrier between you and the elements. It also provides support to the car frame and aids in the deployment of the passenger-side airbags.

The windshield is the only window made in three laminated layers. All the other windows are tempered. Tempered glass doesn’t break into jagged edges during an impact. Even minor damage can make a difference in your safety, depending on where it’s located.

Scratches – Scratches usually affect only the outer layer of the glass. Worn windshield wipers are often to blame. Failing to replace the wipers only leads to deeper damage. This type of window damage usually doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the window. However, scratches can severely impair your vision while you are driving.

Rocky Mount, NC is known for its beautiful nature and impressive views. Battle Park, Sunset Park, and Rocky Mount City Lake and Park are some of the most popular destinations. Don’t let a scratched windshield interfere with your nature adventures. If you don’t need a replacement, ask about our special scratch remover service to get your vision back.

Chips – These occur when tiny pieces of glass come loose from your windshield. Most often, it occurs after an impact with debris like rocks. Small chips aren’t usually a problem if they aren’t in your line of view. If they occur with cracks that radiate outwards, the damage will grow. Schedule a glass repair in Rocky Mount, NC before the problem gets worse.

Cracks – Cracks are a lot like scratches except that they penetrate into the second layer of glass or deeper. Cracks require immediate attention. Those shorter than 6 inches can often be repaired. Longer cracks or those near the outer edge of the windshield might require a windshield replacement.

Glass Repair or Glass Replacement?

It’s a tough call when you don’t know how serious the windshield damage is. The most important thing is to go to a professional glass repair company right away. As experts with decades of experience repairing and replacing all kinds of auto glass, we have you covered. Get your free quote or schedule an appointment at our Rocky Mount, NC location today.