Superior Auto Glass service in Greenville, NC

Greenville, NC is considered the shopping hub for the Inner Banks and is home to the expansive Greenville Mall. It is also home to East Carolina University, the fourth-largest in the state. Add to that the museums and parks – there’s always a lot to do in the city. It isn’t surprising there’s such a large demand for glass repair and glass replacement in the area!

Causes of Mystery Window Cracks

Sometimes, people know exactly what caused their window to crack. Often, another vehicle throws a rock that strikes your glass. Car accidents are another common cause of window breakage. Anything that impacts your car or the windows directly can cause breaks.

Sometimes, window damage seemingly comes from nowhere. You go out to your car to go to work or school and there it is. It is possible that something hit your window while it was parked. More likely is that a change in pressure or temperature caused the break. Often, there was already minor damage such as chips or small cracks. Failing to get the damage repaired while it is minor leads to larger cracks.

Inferior windshields are also at a greater risk of getting damaged. Once the integrity of any glass is compromised, it’s at a greater risk of breaking. That’s why it’s so important to get your glass repaired or your windshield replaced as soon as the damage appears.

The Different Types of Glass in Your Car

The best windshields are made from three layers of tempered glass laminated together. The windshield is the most important glass on any vehicle. It protects you from the elements, insects, wind, and debris.

The rest of the windows, including the rear windshield, are made from tempered glass. It’s stronger than regular glass, and the design prevents shattering during an impact. This feature protects you from getting jabbed by sharp edges during a wreck.

A glass repair must be performed correctly to ensure the repair bonds with the glass. Never try to make an auto glass repair using a do-it-yourself kit. It might sound like a good way to save money initially. However, a bad glass repair can impair your vision, fail to support your vehicle’s frame, and put you at risk during a wreck.

Don’t take chances on windshield or window glass that isn’t intact. Contact us for a quote on professional glass repair or replacement in Greenville, NC today. Count on the experts to restore your auto glass to like-new condition.