Superior Auto Glass Service in Winston-Salem, NC

The windows in your vehicle are essential for your safety and comfort. They protect you and your passengers from the elements and any hazards on the road. They also provide 360° visibility so you’re always aware of your surroundings. Any time the integrity of any window is compromised, it increases your risk for potential injuries and damage. Glass repair and glass replacement are simple, affordable services that you need at the first sign of damage.

How Windshields Get Damaged

Winston-Salem residents and stock car fans from around the world recognize Bowman Gray Stadium as “NASCAR’s longest running weekly race track.” Stock cars are traditionally without glass in the driver’s side windows for safety. The windshield and other windows are made of a polycarbonate material like that used to make bulletproof glass.

The front and rear windshields in regular passenger vehicles are usually made of laminated glass. This type of glass bends and flexes before it breaks apart. The side windows are made of tempered glass that shatters into small pieces when broken to decrease the likelihood of injuries.

In spite of the added toughness of these types of glass, it is impossible to prevent chips and cracks altogether. Some of the most common causes of window chips and cracks include:

  • Road Debris and Other Impacts

The most common cause of windshield cracks is impacts from road debris and other objects.

  • Temperature Changes

“Stress cracks” seemingly come out of nowhere, but they do have an underlying cause. One of the most common is extreme changes in temperature, but not necessarily those caused by the weather.

Stress cracks can occur from using hot water to melt an icy windshield or washing a hot vehicle with cold water. Turning the heat or defroster too high can also cause stress cracks.

  • Pressure Changes

Pressure changes such as those caused by high winds during a storm can cause stress cracks in the windows. Other causes of pressure changes include traveling at very high rates of speed and explosions in the area near your vehicle.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair or Replace Your Windows

A chip or small crack might not seem like a big deal. The problem is that the damage often grows quickly. Cold or hot weather can make the problem worse. While small cracks and chips can usually be repaired, larger damage cannot. Waiting too long can result in turning a simple repair into a larger replacement.

Your windows perform an important job of keeping you and your passengers safe. Contact Impex Auto Glass at the first sign of damage for experienced glass repair or glass replacement you can trust.