Superior Auto Glass Service in Summerfield, NC

Cars are pretty big targets whether they’re on the road or sitting parked in front of your house. It doesn’t take long before little dings start to appear on a new vehicle. Other drivers open their doors into yours in the parking lot. Runaway shopping carts hit them. You might even cause damage while playing baseball in the yard with your kids. The same objects that cause damage to your car’s body can damage the glass in your auto windows.

Cars can just as easily get damaged while parked as they can on the road. Whether you are antiquing in downtown Summerfield or enjoying the tranquility of Summerfield Community Park, it might be the day your windshield gets damaged. To make matters worse, drivers often discover windshield cracks without ever knowing what caused the damage.

What Causes Unexplained Windshield Damage

A large number of people seeking windshield repairs or replacements don’t know what caused their window damage. Unlike a vehicle, rock, or a tree limb, unexplained damage is caused by unseen forces. Specifically, these are stress caused by extreme temperature changes and pressure.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Unlike most windows, the windshield in your car is made from layers of glass and plexiglass that are bonded together. The design prevents the glass from shattering during an accident. When the temperature is hot on one side and cold on the other, the hot layer contracts while the cold layer expands. The material can adapt to minor differences. More extreme temperature differences cause stress that results in windshield cracks.

During the winter, pouring hot water over a frozen windshield causes an extreme temperature change. Also, turning the heat or defroster too high has the same effect. Leaving the windshield exposed to intense sunlight can also cause the glass to heat up and crack.

Excess Pressure

Impacts, including those from other vehicles, are one type of pressure that causes cracks or breaks. It’s easy to know what caused pressure to your windshield from an impact. Another type of pressure comes from explosions in the vicinity of your vehicle. They cause changes in the atmosphere that you don’t even realize happened.

Air pressure is another cause of broken windshields. It can come from high winds during inclement weather. It can also come from driving at high speeds.

The best time for an auto glass repair or replacement is while the damage is small. As soon as you discover a chip or crack in your windshield or other car windows, give us a call. We’ll provide the expert glass repair or glass replacement service you need.