Superior Auto Glass Service in Statesville, NC

Modern vehicles have features that make driving as safe as possible for everyone in your vehicle and those in other cars. What many people don’t realize is how big a role your windows play in keeping you safe. Clean, flawless windows give you visibility to see where you’re going. They also alert you to unexpected road hazards and threats from other vehicles. During a crash, your windshield prevents you from getting thrown out. It helps support the vehicle’s frame and aids in deploying the airbags.

How Auto Glass Gets Chipped or Broken

The windshield is the most likely window to get damaged from thrown rocks or other road debris. Most of us have experienced this at one time or another. The degree of damage it causes depends on the size, weight, and force of the impact. If the damage is only a tiny nick about the size of a pencil tip, it probably doesn’t need to be repaired.

If the impact is severe enough to cause a larger chip, you might need an auto glass repair. A chip with a crack underneath it is very likely to get worse. A professional auto glass repair technician can tell you the depth of the damage. This determines whether you need an auto glass repair or the window needs to be replaced.

Make Window Repair or Replacement a Priority

Like many other things we rely on, windshield damage doesn’t occur at a convenient time. For instance, you’ve been planning a family outing to the Carolina Balloon Fest held each year at the Statesville Regional Airport. If the problem doesn’t seem urgent, you might be tempted to let it ride. A picnic below a spectacular view of hot air balloons coloring the sky sounds a lot better than going for an auto glass repair.

Letting repairs go is one of the biggest mistakes car owners make. Small damage can often be repaired cheaply and quickly. Waiting can lead to more extensive and costly replacements. It also puts you and your passengers at a greater safety risk.

Another mistake owners make is to try and do the auto glass repairs themselves. We make auto glass repairs using a clear resin where glass is missing. It creates a clear, hard surface that keeps the original glass in place. Some glass repairs can’t be corrected. You could end up paying for a glass or windshield replacement that costs more.

Schedule a Glass Repair or Replacement Today

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