Superior Auto Glass Service in Sanford, NC

If you’ve put an auto glass repair on the back burner, you aren’t alone. Many people don’t think a small chip or crack in their car’s window glass is a big deal. What they don’t know is that when ignored, small chips or cracks turn into irreparable damage. Auto glass repair now can save you from a more expensive auto glass replacement down the road.

Why You Might Need Windshield Glass Repair

Sanford, NC has a lot to offer those with a love for nature. San-Lee Park offers an idyllic getaway with mountain bike trails and paddleboats. Downtown Sanford is a contrast with 96 structures bound within about 36 acres. In any setting, your vehicle is at risk of getting some broken window glass. There are hazards that can cause broken glass in high-traffic and low-traffic areas every day, including:

  • Car Accidents – From minor fender benders to high-speed impacts, car accidents can cause damage to any window in your car.
  • Extreme Temperature Changes – Sudden changes in temperature cause the glass to expand and contract. This weakens the glass and causes cracks to form over time.
  • Changes in Pressure – Windshield glass can take a lot of pressure. However, driving at high speeds can cause stress fractures.
  • Rocks and Other Road Debris – Trucks that haul gravel and semis with debris on top of their trailers are two common sources of road debris. Big trucks can also throw rocks and other debris backward onto your vehicle. Keep your distance when following any truck that is hauling a load.
  • Hail Storms – All types of extreme weather can lead to cracks in your auto glass. Hail is the most common type of debris that damages vehicle bodies and glass. If you’re driving during a hail storm, it increases the impact at which the ice strikes the car. Get off the road as quickly as possible. If your glass gets chipped or cracked, schedule an appointment for auto glass repair as soon as possible.
  • Poor Installation – Installing your windshield yourself might sound like a good way to save money. If you fail to get a secure fit, the vibrations caused by driving can cause cracks.
  • Defective Glass – Quality matters when choosing the glass for a windshield replacement. Defects within poorly made glass can develop into cracks over time.

Sometimes it’s easy to recognize the cause of damaged auto glass. Others occur slowly or are in less visible places. Every piece of glass in your vehicle plays a role in keeping you safe and comfortable. Check your windows regularly and get the glass repairs you need right away.