Superior Auto Glass Service in Raleigh, NC

If you’ve ever driven with a broken out window in your vehicle, you know the importance of every piece of glass. Your windows are barriers against wind, rain, and road debris. Once the glass is missing or damaged, everyone inside your vehicle is more vulnerable to injury.

How Broken Windows Happen

Most broken windows happen from impacts. A rock or other road debris might strike your windshield and cause a chip or crack. For instance, if you’re traveling down I-40 toward Pullen Park behind one of the many semis on the road, they might throw a gravel back into your windshield.

The 70 mph speed of the truck creates a significant impact between the rock and your windshield. While the glass used to create windshields is layered for added toughness, it is not indestructible. The small chip at the point of impact might seem minor. But once the integrity of the glass is breached, it can continue to grow quickly.

Many broken windows started with a seemingly minor chip or crack that didn’t get repaired in time. Changes in temperature can cause chips and cracks to get worse. A glass repair is a simpler, more affordable option for small cracks. Once the damage gets worse, it can’t be repaired. You have to pay for a glass replacement to restore your window.

Of course, larger impacts such as those involving other vehicles, buildings, or other large objects are more likely to cause extensive damage to your windows. Although these windows are designed to break in a safer way to prevent injury, they still require a glass replacement before you can drive safely again.

Mystery Cracks

Stress cracks occur in windows due to changes in temperature, pressure, or due to flaws in the glass. Sometimes, this type of damage doesn’t appear right away. These mystery cracks have an underlying cause even if you can’t determine what it is. Leave it to the professionals to determine whether glass repair is an option. Addressing the problem when the damage is small could prevent you from needing a glass replacement.

Why Experience Matters

Professional auto glass service is a must for anyone who needs their damaged windows repaired or replaced. At Impex Auto Glass, we have more than 30 years of experience providing full-service auto window repairs and replacements. We will assess the problem to ensure you get the right service for the situation. Get a professional glass replacement that lets you drive with confidence. We offer services for your front and rear windshield and everything in between.