Superior Auto Glass Service in Oak Ridge, NC

Some of the best things to do in Oak Ridge are outdoor events. Cascades Preserve, Kernersville Lake Park, and Oak Ridge Town Park are some family favorites. Imagine if you were on your way to enjoy one of these outdoor adventures when something struck your windshield. How much do you know about auto glass repair and replacement?

Why Those Little Dings Matter

Any time an object hits your windshield, the impact can cause damage to the glass. It doesn’t have to be a large object. Even a small piece of gravel that you flip with your own vehicle can chip the glass. Windshield glass is tough, but the weight of the object and the speed at which it strikes are often enough to cause a chip or crack.

Consider the more than 30,000 vehicles that travel the intersection between 68 and N.C. 150 each day. The traffic includes a broad range of vehicles including tractor-trailers carrying heavy loads. It’s no surprise that so many people search for professional glass replacement and repair services every day. While most drivers understand the importance of repairing large areas of damage, many don’t realize why small chips and cracks demand immediate attention too. That’s because small areas of damage won’t stay small forever.

Impacts aren’t the only thing that causes damage to your vehicle’s windows. Other causes include:

  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Changes in pressure
  • Poor-quality window glass

These conditions can cause the initial damage to grow. If you fail to get auto glass repair for a small chip or crack, it can grow to a larger, deeper crack over a short period of time. It depends on the extent of the damage and the conditions you expose your vehicle to whether a glass repair will still work. If a small crack grows, you might need a glass replacement instead.

When You Don’t Have Time or Money for a Windshield Repair or Replacement

Maybe you have a hectic schedule, or you need to wait until payday for the glass repair. In the meantime, cover the chip or crack with clear packing tape. This keeps dirt out and aids in the repair process. Never put any type of glue or DIY glass repair on the window yourself.

Avoid sudden temperature changes such as heating the windshield up quickly when it’s cold. Also, avoid washing your car or pouring hot water on a frozen windshield. Don’t leave it parked in direct sunlight, and avoid playing music with loud bass settings.

Call us to schedule an appointment for a glass repair or glass replacement that’s convenient for you. The sooner you have your auto glass restored, the sooner you’ll be driving safely on the roads again.