Superior Auto Glass Service in Jamestown, NC

If you’ve ever discovered a crack in your windshield, you aren’t alone. Windshield damage is the leading type of insurance claim in the country. The majority of these cracks are stress cracks that occur around the outer edges of the windshield. Failures during the initial annealing process result in residual stresses, making the windshield weak around the outer perimeter. If the damage is small, you might not even realize when it happens.

Glass Repair vs. Glass Replacement

Windshield damages range from scratches to long, deep cracks. It is often possible to repair short cracks of 6 inches and under. Auto glass repairs are also for smaller chips. Sometimes auto glass replacements are the only option for long cracks of 7 to 12 inches long.

You might never know what caused damage to your windshield. Sometimes stress cracks occur due to extreme temperature changes. You might have a small chip or scratch that you never noticed. Exposing minor chips and cracks to hours in the hot sun can cause a short crack to grow into a long one.

If glass repair is an option, it’s the simplest, least expensive choice. Larger areas of damage, shattered glass, or damage in certain areas can’t be fixed. In these cases, an auto glass replacement is the answer. Whether you need a glass repair or glass replacement, you want an experienced professional to do the work for you. Only an expert knows the right type of glass for your car. They know how to perform the service with the best tools and procedures. They also know how to install the glass professionally to prevent future issues.

Prevent Damage from Getting Worse

If you’re heading out for a day of shopping and dining in historic Jamestown, NC, try to park out of the direct sun. Don’t leave your windows all the way to prevent excessive heat from building up inside. There is a lot to enjoy in the historic town that is located in the heart of North Carolina. Take care not to turn your day of fun into a costly one.

To prevent short cracks from growing into large ones, clean them and cover them with clear tape until you can get them repaired. Avoid things like extreme temperature changes that can make the damage worse. Don’t keep your car out in the sun for hours with your windows up. Make an appointment for a glass repair or glass replacement as soon as possible. We’ll evaluate the damage and advise you on the best approach.

Examine your windshield and all of your auto glass regularly. Prompt care will help keep your auto glass replacement costs to a minimum.