Superior Auto Glass Service in High Point, NC

Most of us take our vehicles for granted. We expect them to start up and take off whenever we have something to do. The same is true for the windshield and the other windows in your car. You might not realize how important they are to your safety and comfort until you don’t have them anymore.

Like most people, you probably have favorite places to go and things to do close to home. Lucky for you that there is always something to do in “North Carolina’s International City.” The city is also known as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World.” It’s only appropriate that High Point, NC is home to the largest chest of drawers in the world. The area also offers beautiful landscapes, natural scenery, and beautiful attractions like the All-A-Flutter Farm. Make sure you have your windows in great shape before taking off on your next adventure.

How Car Windows Get Damaged

Every road has hazards that put your windows at risk. A vehicle might throw a small gravel or bigger rock and strike the glass. In woodsy areas, broken tree branches might fall to the road or onto your car. There’s also the risk of bumping or crashing into another vehicle. Even a fender bender can cause damage to your glass. In turn, broken glass can lead to damage to the car’s frame.

Changes in temperature and pressure can lead to damage over time. Although all the glass in your car’s windows is made to withstand above average pressure, it isn’t invincible. The glass expands when exposed to extreme heat, whether from excessively hot temperatures or from pouring hot water on a frozen window.

Pressure changes include those from impacts and high winds. Driving at fast speeds increases the air pressure against the glass, too. The cracks that result from temperature and pressure changes are stress cracks. Often, auto glass repair is all that is needed for small chips and cracks. If they aren’t repaired right away, the damage can grow. Larger areas of damage often require a complete window or windshield replacement. That’s just one reason that auto glass repair shouldn’t wait until later.

What You Don’t Know About Your Windshield

Your windshield is an essential part of your car’s safety system. It helps support the roof, aids in the deployment of airbags, and provides drivers with clear visibility. Any existing damage that isn’t repaired makes the glass more vulnerable to additional stresses. Even the dirt that gets in a chip can lead to cracks.

All glass is not created equally. Whether you need a glass repair or glass replacement, let the experts take care of it. Rest assured you get the best service for your situation and the right window glass for your vehicle.