Superior Auto Glass Service in Greensboro, NC

Your vehicle glass probably isn’t something you think about until they aren’t there. That’s because they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They keep the elements and road hazards on the outside from reaching you and your passengers. If the damage is small, you might not even notice it. But there are some really good reasons for getting an auto glass repair even when the damage seems minor.

How Glass Chips Turn Into Cracks

Most often, window damage occurs to the windshield. The front windshield is most likely to encounter impacts from debris. Once it is damaged, it isn’t as effective at doing its job. If something strikes the windshield in the weakened area, it might cause the windshield to crack or even break. It doesn’t take an impact for a windshield chip to grow. Dirt that gathers in the chip puts pressure on the glass, too. So can exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.

The windshield is more important to your safety than you might think. It helps keep you and your passengers from getting thrown from the vehicle during a wreck. It helps hold the roof up during a crash and ensures the airbags deploy correctly. If you’re heading out for a fun day with the kids to the Greensboro Science Center, do you really want to risk going with a cracked windshield?

The city Forbes named one of “America’s top up-and-coming cities for jobs” is growing. Make sure you and your family are always protected from road hazards wherever you drive.

What to Do When Window Glass Gets Chipped or Broken

In general, you can repair smaller chips and cracks. Larger or multiple cracks typically have to be replaced. These guidelines vary, depending on the depth of the chip. Windshields have multiple layers for added strength. If the chip reaches the inner layer, it might require an auto glass replacement.

Auto glass damage that occurs during an impact might be minor or severe. When your windows get damaged, follow these steps until you can get the auto glass repair or replacement you need:

  • Call your car insurance company to report the damage. They might pay the cost of repairs or replacement. 
  • Send a picture of the damage to determine if you should drive your car.
  • Call Impex Auto Glass to schedule a repair.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Cover the chipped or cracked area with clear tape to keep out dirt

The most important advice you can follow is to get any damaged auto glass repaired or replaced quickly. Your windows are there to keep you safe and provide the visibility you need while driving.